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just lookin' up from my pillow feeling blessed

so go ahead make your next bold move

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My current interests...

Poet: Czeslaw Milosz
Theology: Jürgen Moltmann
Music: any strong woman voices - Mariah Carey, Fiona Apple, Vienna Teng, Jenny Lewis...et cetera
Scent: just bought Miss Dior Cherie
Hairstyle: long and straight
Face Wash: Gigi Organics Cleanser Plus

The unexamined life is not worth living.

In such ugly times the only true protest is beauty.

Evil is real. Evil is not the last word. I strive to make the world more like it should be.
I'm on a journey; come along or get trampled.
I'm not a nice girl, but I am a strong, loving, compassionate and graceful woman.

Most of my icons are from __alt_icons. You should add that journal for great icons. The rest are mostly stolen. Feel free to steal them. :)

California is love.

Marriage is love.

acceptance is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator


anti-choice is pro-fascism.

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It is not astonishing that those who are unshaken in their courage to be as a part, either in its collectivist or in its conformist form, are disturbed by the expressions of the Existentialist courage of despair. They are unable to understand what is happening in our period. They are unable to distinguish the genuine from the neurotic anxiety in Existentialism. They attack as a morbid longing for negativity what in reality is courageous acceptance of the negative. They call decay what is actually the creative expression of decay. They reject as meaningless the meaningful attempt to reveal the meaninglessness of our situation. It is not the ordinary difficulty of understand those who break new ways in thinking and artistic expression which produces the widespread resistance to recent Existentialism but the desire to protect a self-limiting courage to be as a part.
~Paul Tillich
abandoning self-abnegation, abortion rights, activism, aesthetics, al anon, alkaline trio, allen ginsberg, american beauty, ani difranco, anti-flag, anti-war, aristotle, bart ehrman, beavis and butthead, biblical hebrew, biblical languages, biblical studies, bleu, bob dylan, bright eyes, charlotte martin, churching, civil disobedience, civil rights, claude debussy, community, conor iz dead '05, conor iz dead 05, crazy eye makeup, debate, desaparecidos, deuteronomistic theology, e e cummings, eddie izzard, elizabeth hannah, epistemology, equality, faith, feminism, fiona apple, flowers, forgiveness, free speech, free will, freedom, friends, gay rights, global warming, god, gone with the wind, goodness, grace, grammar, honesty, hoodies, hope, hot nuns, hugs, human rights, hunter s. thompson, immaculata university, inclusiveness, intentional community, jane austen, janis joplin, jesus, jimi hendrix, john calvin, john knox, joni mitchell, joy, jürgen moltmann, kant, karl barth, kierkegaard, knowledge, koine greek, liberal presbyterians, liberation theology, literature, logic, love, mac cosmetics, makeup, margaret atwood, n t wright, nailpolish, nike+, northern california, pablo neruda, patience, paul tillich, pcusa, peace, pearl jam, philosophical theology, philosophy, photography, planned parenthood, poetry, pooduck, prayer, preaching, presbyterianism, punk rock, reading, reformed theology, religion, reproductive rights, rilo kiley, running, salvador dalí, samuel barber, sarah mclachlan, scissor sisters, self, self-control, self-esteem, seminary, sermons, sex, singing, sleeping, sunshine, sustainable living, the bible, the postal service, the simpsons, theology, tori amos, truth, urban decay cosmetics, vienna teng, watching capitalism fall, your mom, ,

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